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Dallas, Texas, is a famous city that is famous for a lot of things. An amazing, place to live and it is a land that is filled with a lot of opportunities. It has the ability to have a positive impact on your life and transform it for good.

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There are lots of events and attractions in Dallas. Even place in unique and we can assure you that you will have a great experience here.


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All of the major tech giants have their offices in Dallas. There are also a lot of startups that have come up in recent years. It is a place that has witnessed a lot of growth in terms of career and business.

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When it comes to food, we are sure that Dallas will not disappoint you. There are good possibilities that it will exceed your expectations.


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You spend a whole day exploring the food of Dallas. Be it street food or fine dining, the place can cater to all kinds of audience.

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Things to know If You’re Moving To Dallas

By |June 14th, 2019|Categories: Main, Moving To Dallas|

The glitz and glamour which TV shows and movies portray about any country or city are not always true. And the same applies to Dallas, in the state of Texas. But if you’ve anyway decided to relocate to the city, we’ve got a few tips which will surely help you consider your decision of moving in here. Read on, so that you can take an informed decision:

  1. Heavy Traffic:
    And lots of it. It won’t be surprising if you’re stuck in traffic on the streets of Dallas every other day. Because that’s what the scenario in Dallas is – whether you opt for public transport or your own car or vehicle, the situation’s going to be the same always.
  2. Foods great:
    If you love eating out and experimenting with stuff, Dallas is the place for you! Filled with so many restro bars, pubs and cafes, you’ll have something fantastic to eat every place you step into. But yes, just keep a tab on the amount you’re spending on food –eating out in Dallas is just as expensive as it is in other parts of the world.
  3. Choose a proper neighbourhood:moving to Dallas
    Every part of Dallas comes with a different set of features to it. So it’s advisable you read it up before you actually lookout for a home. Zeroing down on a neighbourhood and then looking out for a home is what you have to do. The city is huge, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a location that suits your requirements.
  4. Lots of attractions:
    You’ll never have a boring weekend or holiday because there’s so much to explore in Dallas. It is a city filled with museums, parks, zoos –all of which are spread across acres. Even a single visit won’t cover the entire area, so yes, you have a lot of sight-seeing to catch up with on weekends and off-days.
  5. Natural disasters are frequent:
    Don’t gape with your mouth open at a fast-approaching tornado from the window of your home! We’ve warned you well in advance that tornadoes (accompanies with flooding) are pretty frequent in Dallas. If tornadoes freak you out, don’t move to the city. Else, it’s all yours! Also, be wary of the hailstorms that damage your car – it’s a casual thing that keeps happening with everyone in Dallas! So covered parking is something you need to hunt for while looking out for a home.

There you go – a list of the things you should consider before moving to Dallas!

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Top Tourist Attractions in Dallas

By |May 26th, 2019|Categories: Travel Guide|

Dallas, in the state of Texas, is one exciting city. It is so full of so many things worth visiting and watching that we’re sure that a visit to these would remain etched in your memory. If you’re planning to visit Dallas or even better, relocate there, here’s a list of places you must visit while in Dallas. Read on:

Dallas Museum of Art:
One of the ten largest museum’s of the United States, and dating back to 1903, the Dallas Museum of art is home to nearly 24000 artefacts from not just America, but all over the globe too. Apart from the permanent artefacts here, there are frequent temporary displays of art by various artists – both noted and upcoming in this museum. While touring this museum, you’re sure to get a taste of slices from all around the world!

Dallas World Aquarium:

Dallas World Aquarium

Looking out for something fit enough for the young and old at the same time? Well, you need to head straight to the Dallas World Aquarium! A massive aquarium with a lot of fish species on display, this is nothing less than an amusement for little kids. Not forgetting informative for adults. You’ll have a lot of fun if you schedule your visit here during the feeding time of the fishes –keep that in mind!

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza:
A beautiful museum which covers one of the most poignant moments of history, The Sixth Floor Museum is filled with more emotions than memoirs. And just so you don’t feel out of context, they even have a multimedia representation of the history building up to the entire moment. And then you have everything that describes and replicates the political climate during President Kennedy’s visit to the state of Texas and his assassination therein.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden:

Botanical GardenSprawling across 66 acres on the southeast coast of the stunning White Rock Lake, the mesmerizing show of plants here is indeed worth giving a visit. Also, a scenic location – beautiful enough to click those Instagram worthy photos, this garden is more than just a garden. It often hosts concerts, art shows, festivals, programmes – so if you chance upon one while you’re here – you’re lucky!

The Dallas Zoo:
One of the oldest zoos in the United States, the Dallas Zoo was established in 1888. Spread across 106 acres, the zoo is home to around 2000 species of animals from various habitat across the world. They even have a monorail to take you through the park. Not forgetting the amusement park here, which is a hit amongst kids!

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